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Formstack - Clickup: How do I get field names to show up in the task description?

  • 23 September 2021
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I have a Zap that creates a new task in ClickUp when my Formstack form is filled out.  It works great, but is there a way to get the field names to show up in the task description along with the answers (data from form)? Or do I have to set that up myself?  I’ve attached screen shots for reference, I have MANY more fields than what’s shown, this is just an example….which is why I’m hoping there is an easier way to get them in the description than me having to manually format every line. :0/


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3 replies

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Hi @JHollowell 

You’ll have to manually add the static/hardcoded labels before each mapped variable.

Thank you for replying, that is very disappointing and surprising.  It’s not a big deal if you have a short form, but my form has a lot of conditional formatting so how can I address that?  Will I have to put every field no matter what and it will just show empty if not chosen?   Also, is there a way to make those labels be bold?

Here is a link to the form I’m talking about for reference:

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Hi @JHollowell 

The alternative is to use a Code step (advanced) to handle the logic of inputs/outputs.


Also, is there a way to make those labels be bold?

This will depend on whether the app supports Rich Text (HTML or Markdown) AND whether the Zap app integration supports rich text.


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