Formatting multiple blank fields

  • 19 July 2021
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I have a zap which takes a new row of data from Google Sheets and populates into a new Google Slides deck. Half of the data may potentially be blank and currently these remain as {{FieldName}} in the newly created Slides deck, but I’m hoping to change it so it feeds through as “N/A”.

I know I can achieve this through a Formatter>Text>Default Value action:

  1. Do I need to add a Format step for each field? eg, if I have 14 fields which may potentially be blank, I add 14 Format steps?
  2. Is there an alternative method which can streamline/simplify the above?


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3 replies

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Hi @KTO 

The best solution for this to use a code step, so that you don’t have to use the same number for formatters as the fields. You can just write a Javascript or Python code and return N\A if the value doesn’t exist, otherwise the value itself. It shouldn’t be that hard to write.

Thanks @robschmidt , unfortunately coding with Javascript or Python is beyond me.

Another approach I was thinking was a Find {{Fieldname}} and Replace with “N/A” action after the new Google Slide deck has been created but this also doesn’t seem to be possible.

I’ll fallback on using multiple formatters instead until another viable option emerges. :)

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I assume doing this with python is a 15-30 minute's thing. If you want to request a short call here: