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Formatting a Radio Select Question

  • 25 September 2020
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Hello Zapier Community!

I’ve slowly been figuring out how to use Zapier to update my deals in Hubspot using forms in Jotform, but I’ve run into another problem that I can’t seem to figure out.

I’ve successfully connect the Jotform to fill out deal properties(text fields, number fields, and even dropdown select fields), but it all stops when I introduced a radio select button. I tried making all the selections match exactly the options avaible on Hubspot, but Zapiers trouble shooting says:

“Sometimes HubSpot returns the message Property values were not valid or The value supplied for the property _____ must be one of the available options.This means that one of the fields in your action step template corresponds to a checkbox in Hubspot or Hubspot CRM, and you've specified something for that field that is not a "true" or "false" string—for example, a "yes", "no", "True", "False", etc. Hubspot will only take a "true" or "false" in those fields, so if your trigger app is passing data in different format, you can use a Formatter step to convert those values.”

I feel like this is what is happening because this is the error I am getting:

“ Property values were not valid: [{"isValid":false,"message":"Solar And Efficiency was not one of the allowed options: [label: \"Solar\"\nvalue: \"JobTypeSolar\"\ndisplay_order: 0\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\ndescription: \"\"\nread_only: false\n, label: \"Energy Efficiency\"\nvalue: \"JobTypeEfficiency\"\ndisplay_order: 1\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\ndescription: \"\"\nread_only: false\n, label: \"Solar And Efficiency\"\nvalue: \"JobTypeSolarEfficiency\"\ndisplay_order: 2\ndouble_data: 0.0\nhidden: false\ndescription: \"\"\nread_only: false\n]","error":"INVALID_OPTION","name":"job_type"}] “

How do I assign a true or false value to the different radio select options?


Thank you!


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Looks like the bolded values below are the expected/accepted valid values.

If Solar, then JobTypeSolar

If Energy Efficiency, then JobTypeEfficiency

If Solar And Efficiency, then JobTypeSolarEfficiency



"message":"Solar And Efficiency was not one of the allowed options:


label: \"Solar\"\n

value: \"JobTypeSolar\"\n

display_order: 0\n

double_data: 0.0\n

hidden: false\n

description: \"\"\n

read_only: false\n,

label: \"Energy Efficiency\"\n

value: \"JobTypeEfficiency\"\n

display_order: 1\n

double_data: 0.0\n

hidden: false\ndescription: \"\"\n

read_only: false\n,

label: \"Solar And Efficiency\"\n

value: \"JobTypeSolarEfficiency\"\n

display_order: 2\n

double_data: 0.0\n

hidden: false\n

description: \"\"\n

read_only: false\n]",



] “

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I’ve tried to keep the values the same on Hubspot and Jotform:


Is it then that I don’t have Zapier set up correctly and it is not reading the values?

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HubSpot relies on the Internal Values when using Zapier.


Either Typeform isn’t sending the Calculated value OR you have the wrong value mapped in the Zap.

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@Benji W 

Just checking in - did you manage to get this sorted?