Formatter (Split Text) including field titles in output

  • 26 January 2022
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I am trying to set up a lead forwarder that adds the lead to a specific MailChimp campaign and also adds the contact to a new row in a Google Sheet. I was using Mail Parser by Zapier for this but it’s way too unpredictable and I am looking for something that will need less maintenance/tweaking.

I have the leads being sent to a Email By Zapier inbox, and the trigger is set to this inbox.

Here is an example of the data that is included in the trigger email:

Company Name: Test Company Name
First Name: Test
Last Name: Jones
Address: 182 Wall Street
City: Houston
State: TX
Province: AB
Zip/Postal Code: 30350
Country: USA
Day Phone: 2027059867
Available Capital: $30,000

The action is Formatter by Zapier with the following settings: 
Text > Split Text > Input Body Plain > Separator “:” > Segment Index All As Separate Fields 

When testing this it always includes the title of the next field in the output.


Item 2

Test Company Name

First Name

Item 3


Last Name

Item 4



Item 5


Item 6

182 Wall Street


Item 7



Item 8



Item 9


Zip/Postal Code


How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.



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4 replies

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Hi @franchise007 

Try the Mailparser app:


Or a Code step can be used to do parsing:

Hi @franchise007 

Try the Mailparser app:


Or a Code step can be used to do parsing:

I am trying to switch from the Mailparser app because it’s parsing out extra data in specific fields, even after many attempts to correct the issue with new templates. 


I will look into the code step. Thanks.

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To clarify, is a different more robust app than the mail parser by Zapier app.

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Hey @franchise007 Just wanted to check in to see how you made out here! Were you able to get things working with a Code step or by utilizing Mailparser (instead of the Zapier email parser)? Let us know!