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Format email and slack actions that have line breaks

  • 30 August 2022
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Hi all, 

Can anyone help me understand why the email & slack message format is not being applied to the line break whenever someone submits a form? Below are screenshots of how the workflow works.

I’d like the email to show the line breaks, in the format that the person submitted in. - (ex. A,B)  

I’d like for Slack to quote the entire message, not just the first line. (ex. C)

  1. New form response in Google Forms (trigger) → 
Google Forms response (response has line breaks)
  1. Look up row in Google Sheets (action) → 
  1. Send Slack channel message (action) → 


  1. Send outbound email notification (action)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! 


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3 replies

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First, thanks for the immensely helpful screenshots! the perfect example of showing us what’s happening :)

I tested this by adding line breaks directly in Google Sheets (not via a form response) and it worked properly:


On Mac, I used control + enter to add the line breaks. 

I then tested a form submission and here’s what I got in Slack:


Same result when using your workflow of form submission followed by Google Sheets lookup. So I’m not able to replicate what you’re experiencing, oddly enough. You might want to get in touch with our Support team to see if they can dig into the logs or something, to get to the bottom of it.

Suggestion: is there a reason you’re using the Google Forms trigger then also a lookup step for Google Sheets? You could just use the fields from the trigger rather than add a search step in there. 

Hi @nicksimard thanks for your response!


Can you try to format your entire slack message text with a quote and see if it picks up lines 2 and 3 of the single cell?


So the reason why I used a lookup step for Google Sheets is because I have a path rule set up. Is there a reason I shouldn’t do this?


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Hi @sliangemb!

I see that you reached out to our Support team and they were able to help you out with the Slack portion :)

For anyone else who finds this, here’s what they said:

Let's start with Slack.
Blockquote formatting in Slack has to be applied per line. Right now, the "Description" is coming in as one cell from Sheets, but has several separated lines within it - only the first of which is having the blockquote formatting applied to it.
To fix that, I recommend utilizing a different way to engage blockquotes in Slack for multiple lines. Instead of having a > before each new line, you can delete those and just use >>> before the first Form Submitter line. That should carry over to the new lines that follow it. 
Here's an example to show how that comes through:

You said you also got your emails to be relatively close to your ideal outcome. If you have a second, we’d love to hear what the solution was there. Thanks!