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Complete newbie so please bear with.

I have a form set up in the Foleon app with a selection list containing 12 options (tick then hit the submit button). I also have a google sheet with the same 12 options set as the header row (12 columns).

I can get my zap to update the whole row with all 12 values, but not the exclusive one that was selected.

The value of the selection doesn’t seem to appear in Zapier.

Where am I going wrong?

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Hi @S_ophs 

Can you please post screenshots of the data returned in the Zap trigger step?

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Hi @Troy Tessalone  I’m in the UK so sorry for the delay. Screenshots above.


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Hey @S_ophs !

Awesome job on getting this far!

Taking a look at the screenshot you provided, it looks like Foleon is only sending you one of the select inputs in that example, does that mean the other 11 options were not filled out?

If so, then my recommendation would be to fill out a form submission with all 12 options filled out if that’s possible. 

You can then head into your Foleon step, click on Form Submission C, and then pull in more submissions. 

The reason for this is that you need to map all 12 fields in Google Sheets, and the easiest way to do that is to create a form submission like this (even if usually, customers never fill out all 12 fields). 

Once you’ve done that, you’ll have access to all 12 fields in your Google Sheet row to map. 

Using field mapping in your Zaps:

Let me know if I’m on the right track here, if not, please let me know and I’ll be happy to try again!


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Hi @justin.vanos thanks so much for your response.


I went back in and submitted all 12 options, however the result is the same. I cannot see the individual options in my zap. It did connect to my google sheet and add a blank row but nothing more.

I went back into my Foleon form and renamed the field “list” so that I would recognise it. It occurred to me at that point that there is only one field per form, but I don’t know what to do about that.

I have attached a screenshot of my Foleon form. The rest remains the same.

Can you think of anything else to try?

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Hey @S_ophs, I just wanted to check in here to see if you were able to sort this or are still running into issues? 

I’m not able to view the attachment that was uploaded but if I’m understanding correctly the Foleon form contains one field but there are 12 different possible answers for it, is that correct? If that’s the case, then whatever value is selected for the list field, when the Foleon form is filled out, it should be transferred to Google Sheets when the Zap runs (assuming the list field has been selected in the Google Sheets step that is). 

If that’s not the case, would you be open to sharing more details on the issue here?

Please let us know! 🙂

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Hey @SamB thanks for making contact. You went into my spam (I just fixed that!). I’m the Foleon superuser for KBR in the UK and I’m keen to incorporate Zapier with my Foleons moving forward. 

I had my zap running, but it behaved in an unexpected way (from the Foleon side). Zapier could see the form field, but I could never actually get it to ‘see’ the 12 answers. However tech support at Foleon was able to do that for me. They were unsure if that was a Foleon bug or not.

As the form had one fieldname all 12 answers go into the same column in a googlesheet, separated by commas with another column alongside giving the date submitted. I was hoping to match a column per answer, as the point of getting it into the sheet was to create a simple bar chart from the data and embed that barchart back into my Foleon page alongside the questions - giving the user some nice community feedback when they submit their own answer/s, so I set the google chart to ‘auto republish on update’ and then put the embed code into my Foleon.

A really helpful tech support guy at Foleon created an equation in my google sheet which would count how many of each of the answers appeared for each submitted date and I got my bar chart, but the experience was far from simple and I also didn’t like how the chart looked on the page, so I went with a Mentimeter option instead which didn’t require the form or Zapier integration - also not perfect, but aesthetically better in this instance.

I hope that gives you some feedback. I think Zapier and Foleon are great products and I’m keen to use them moving forward, just not in this instance.

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Thanks so much for sharing your candid feedback, @S_ophs! It means a lot you’d be willing to write this up for us. I’m super glad you were able to find a solution that worked for you, even if it ultimately ended up not being with Zapier.

Keep us in the loop if you have any other scenarios you’d be interested in trying out though! We’re always happy to 🧠 storm with you.

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Actually I moved it on from here. I used the menti - which was great, but I also managed to create ‘Like’ buttons with suggestion boxes at the bottom of all 12 articles using Foleon’s forms and Target graphics and then used Zapier to automatically add lines to my spreadsheet so I have all the information about who liked, when and what suggestions they made - this is actually an awesome timesaver. Thanks Zapier!

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Yay, @S_ophs! Thanks for sharing this. We love to hear it! 🎉