Fixed input form as trigger for Zap using ChatGPT

  • 18 July 2023
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We have a process we currently do in ChatGPT web to take an industry/market, a country, and one of our products. It is not a chatbot, but rather a series/chain of prompts that outputs 4 different table and/or text outputs. There are a lot of permutations and we have to start from the beginning of the conversation for every one.

I have tried different Zapier triggers like Interfaces beta and Tables. What I don’t want to do is to create a new submission (like Google or MS Forms) for every one.

My hoped flow is:

  1. Start with web form where industry, country, and product are chosen
  2. Look up lengthy product description, since Tables has a character limit
  3. Pass those variables to the ChatGPT chain, outputting (or appending) to a file/doc (we would prefer OneDrive or Confluence)

I hope that explains what I am trying to do. I am really more concerned with the starting step because all I’ve found is either chat starts or fill out a form app.

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3 replies

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Hi there @JLiebster! 👋

It sounds like you’re wanting the trigger to be beginning of the conversation in ChatGPT, so I’m thinking that perhaps you could use Zapier's ChatGPT plugin for this. The Zapier ChatGPT plugin would allow you to run Zapier AI actions from within ChatGPT directly. There’s a Create New Text File action available for OneDrive that you could use to generate a file. But there’s only a Create Page or Blog Post action available for Confluence so OneDrive might be your best bet with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin.

You can find out more about using the plugin here: Use the Zapier plugin in ChatGPT (beta)

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. If I’ve misunderstood things here or you run into any issues using that plugin please let us know! 🙂

Thanks @SamB. I can not find a way for ChatGPT or OpenAI to trigger the beginning of the Zap. What would you suggest? It’s actually the start that’s hanging me up.



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Thanks for getting back to me @JLiebster

There aren’t currently any triggers for the ChatGPT app what would allow you to trigger a Zap when a new chat/conversation is started. There’s an existing feature request open to have a “New Chat” type of trigger added to the ChatGPT app though. So I’ve gone ahead and added your vote for that. I can’t make any promises as to when/if that would be added by, but we’ll be sure to send you a email the moment it becomes available to use!

In the meantime, a workaround might be to use the Zapier ChatGPT plugin I mentioned earlier to send information to a different app that you could use as the trigger for the Zap. My thinking here is that when the conversation is started you could get ChatGPT to then add the relevant information to a new row in a spreadsheet or table for example. Then have the Zap trigger when new rows are added into that spreadsheet or table. Do you think that could be a possible solution in the interim?