'Find or create by query' action in Salesforce

  • 19 May 2021
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Not sure what the best way to request new functionality is! But would love to see a ‘Find or create by query' search option for Salesforce.

Currently have ‘Find or create’ but which only allows a single field lookup. Also have ‘find by query’ but then seems to require paths and branching logic to create a new record if it fails (which uses additional actions, and requires a higher price tier than we are currently using).

One sample scenario is that our Salesforce contacts have multiple email fields (e.g. personal, work, alternate). We’re using email address as a search field to avoid creating duplicate contacts, but on the ‘find or create’ action we can only look up one of the above fields at a time.

The ideal situation would be able to have a single action that used a query (e.g. WHERE personal = ‘myemail’ OR work = ‘myemail’ OR alternate = ‘myemail’) and then create a new record if no records were returned.

Use cases for this are almost endless when it comes to being able to run better matching rules for Salesforce (without needing to set up unnecessary additional paths)

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Hi @Jarrod,

You either have to use 2 Zaps with filter or Path for this. Alternatively, I believe you can first search via Query and then use find or Create contact using the returned contact ID/email, and maybe use a IF/ELSE logic to handle if nothing is received from Query. The easiest approach would be using 2 Zaps with filters, where you will burn a few actions more but won’t have to upgrade.

Zap 1: It will stop if a contact is found by query, and create a new one if goes on.

Zap 2: It will stop if a contact isn’t found by query, and find a contact if goes on.