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Find multiple future Google Calendar events

  • 22 September 2020
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What’s the simplest way to find all future events matching a particular string using the Google Calendar integration? The integration only allows you to find 1 matching event at a time.

Searching the forum, I’ve seen mention of using Digest or even a Google Sheet. Is one or both of those necessary?

Thanks in advance!


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Hey Andrew!

Our Google Calendar integration doesn’t let you do a search for multiple events. I have a similar Zap that does something like this - it sends me a list of all of tomorrow’s appointments at the end of my work day, so I know what I need to be ready for before I sign off for the day. Here’s that Zap.

Now, your workflow is going to be a bit trickier because you want to create multiple cards from that list instead of one output of this digest. For this, I think you’d need two Zaps, using Digest, Formatter, and Google Sheets. The first Zap will add all the events to the digest, then take that digest and turn it into a line-item array, then output each item to a row in Google Sheets. The second Zap will trigger off each new row in that spreadsheet and add it to Trello. Here’s the share links:

This is the only way I can think of to get the timing right - running at the specific time of day - and get each item from that list into Trello. 

You could also create multiple line-item arrays in Zap 1 if you wanted to have separate fields here, like the time of the event, and a description.

Hope that helps! :)