Find more then 10 rows data from google sheet . Zapier integration

  • 12 January 2021
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I am having a zap which requires to find rows from google sheet and perform operation.

But the zapier action can only find max 10 rows from sheet.

Can anyone provide solution regarding this?


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4 replies

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Can you please elaborate on your use case?


I need to find rows from a google sheet  depend on value in one column value .

for example : find rows where InvoiceNumber = INV123.  

I am using "Find Many Spreadsheet Rows (With Line Item Support)” for this . 

As a result i am getting only 10 record from sheet. but in actual there are 12 record.

can you provide solution so that i can find more then 10 record .




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Depends on how you need the data returned, but here’s one option...

If you only need these 3 columns of data returned for each matching row, then try creating line items in the GSheets using formulas.


Add another tab to the GSheet, this will function as a lookup always in row 2.

Row 1 is the column headers

Row 2 is the INPUT/OUTPUT

Do a GSheets Update Row action for Row 2.

From the Zap, pass in the INPUT value. (e.g. Invoice #)

INVOICE NUBMER, PRODUCT, QUANTITY would be formulas to pull data from the other tab.

COUNT would be a count of the records returned for reference. (e.g. 12)




Try using some formulas to filter for the data and convert to comma separated in the applicable cells:



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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?