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  • 19 June 2020
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Hi, I have set up a new Zap integrating ScheduleOnce Booking with Finding/Creating a new card in Trello.

The behavior I want is:

  1. the first time someone books in a Sales call via ScheduleOnce they get added to the Pipeline Board.
  2. However when they are later converted into a client and then book in a subseqent 1:1 session (again via ScheduleOnce but in a different Booking Form) I don’t want a new card created (currently in Zapier you can’t differentiate between different ScheduleOnce Booking Forms)
  3. Ideally it would update the existing card with new information from the latest session booked in, but I”ll settle for no duplicated cards!

I can’t get it to do this.

Instead it creates a new card initially, but when a subsequent booking comes in for the same client (I’m using their email address as the Organisation ID) it just creates a new card.

What do i need to do / change in order for it to FIND an existing Card and:

  1. Not create a duplicate
  2. update the original


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3 replies

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Hi there @UK_Natalie - Thanks for writing to us today! It sounds like you need to separate this into two Zaps: 1.) when a client is new and books a session, then  2.) a new zap for the different booking form that has a step that is Create a Trello “Find Card” step then Update existing card with the found card.

Could you give this a try and see if that helps? Thanks!

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HI STeph, thanks for that. 

The challenge is there is no way within the Zapier > ScheduleOnce integration to identify different Booking Forms.  This means all “ScheduleOnce” triggers are applied no matter which booking form is used.  Therefore I can’t identify between a NEW client vs an EXISTING client so the solution you recommended wouldn’t work.


My attempted solution to this was to use the Trello “Find A Card” action. 

I had hoped that I could set it so that:

  1. if it FOUND a card (ie. it was an existing client) it would either update it, or at the very least NOT create a new one. And
  2. if it DIDN’T find a card (ie. it’s a new client) it would create a new card.

However if appears the “Find A Card” action can’t actually find an existing card.

Can you please explain what fields Zapier uses to match an exising card in Trello?

Is it the Card Name?

Thank you.


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Hi @UK_Natalie - Could you confirm with me to see if you’re using “Find a Card” or “Find or Create Card” action? I think the appropriate one would be “Find or Create Card.” You can learn more about the integration here on our Zapbook for Trello: - If you scroll down and click on “Searches (12)” tab, you’ll notice the difference in Actions: