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Find and update task in Click up (based on freshdesk)

  • 9 November 2022
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We use Freshdesk for support and clickup for technical team work management (small company). 

We have a functioning zap to transfer all Freshdesk tickets to click up (dedicated support folder) including mapped fields for name, display ID, url, description, product, type. 

Not all of these fields are complete when tickets come in. An agent needs to review in Freshdesk and add type and sometimes product. Depending on these updates, the ticket is routed to the correct product team in click up (or closed if the support agent can handle the request - so sets the ‘type’ to ‘general support’). Click up handles these secondary automations, but I need a zap to transfer the info over when the agent makes these updates on the initial review. I am struggling with this zap. 
I think I need:

  1. Trigger: update task in freshdesk
  2. Find task in click up
  3. Update task in click up

In stage 2 I am unsure what to put in the fields.

In stage 3 it is the same, and I don’t know how to make it link to the result from stage 2. 

We do need all support tickets to appear in click up initially as it informs a lot of the self-serve development we do. All help appreciated - I am a project manager not a developer so simple terms !!


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5 replies

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Hi @sensupport 


You seem to be already there 😃


Step 2 would need to lookup the task in Clickup. Im not sure what are the fields you see on your end in this step 2, you can post screenshots of this step similar to step 3 you added so we can help you better. 


In step 3, I see you already added the ID of the task coming from step 2, you can also map the other fields (such as Workspace and Folder) similar to what you did for the ID field, ONLY in case they are different every time. You can then add the fields you want in step 3 from the trigger (step 1) 

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Thank you for the quick response!

This is what I see in step 2… the clickup spaces selected are correct and the custom fields are the ones I have set up in the clickup space. Do I need to complete these with the Freshdesk counterparts?

I am confused as to what field it is trying to find the click up task based on? 



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Hi @sensupport 


My pleasure. 


From what I see here, its trying to find the task based on the custom fields (that are currently empty) in the 2nd screenshot. From what I understand from your flow, in your other zap, you add the Freshdesk link to the ticket in the field called Freshdesk link in the 2nd screenshot, correct? You can then click on this field, choose custom, then navigate to the Freshdesk Link (you can type something in the search bar to find it easier) and then test the step. It should return the related ticket task in Clickup. 

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Thank you so much! This worked!

When I had first done it, I hadn’t selected the right callback to step 2 in step 3. 

Then when I changed it, I hadn’t put in the right custom field to search by in step 2.


Followed your instructions and set them both correctly - now working

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Awesome! glad to help :) 


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