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Find a specific Google Calendar Event when another specific event is deleted

  • 25 April 2020
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Is there a way I can delete an event on Google Calendar, when another specific one is deleted? 

What I´m doing is, when someone book a class with us in Google Calendar, I create a Detailed event on the same date, with Zoom link and attendees  and other stuff. 

But, whenever they CANCEL their class, I need  to erase the event that I created next to it. 

How could I do that?

I keep try to use the FIND action, to find the event and then delete it, but I haven´t been able to push through, 



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Hi there, do the events that you want to delete have a similar naming convention to the deleted classes? I imagine if they did it would be pretty easy to use the Find function to do this. 

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You probably need the calendar ID of the created event somewhere on the other event. Or some type of unique calendar searchable key (like a time stamp that's created in the new event and added to the old event that can be scraped out).

Then, whenever the event is cancelled by someone else (guessing through another system?) versus having Zapier just delete the event, have it instead do a blank "update" to the event to grab the metadata/variables. Then do a delete on both events in succession after stripping out the calendar ID or information from the other calendar event.

Not sure I exactly understand the situation, but you simply need some type of identifiably connective data in one of the calendar invites that references the other and then you should be able to do it.

My understanding is that when you delete an event in Calendar, you're not left with any useful metadata from the lookup. So do a lookup before deleting it or find some way to add an identifiable ID to the calendar invite that would be deleting (e.g. date+time stripped out and have the subject line be titled "Zoom Meeting | 0425202011") then search for Zoom Meeting and the date which can also be stored on the other calendar invite.