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Filtering Waiting trigger change of data instead of time

  • 29 April 2020
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How can I create a filter that instead of waiting for a speficit time, it waits for a change in a data in previous app?


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3 replies

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Hey there! That’s a great question, however the answer depends on what you’re trying to do - Would you mind elaborating on your use case a little more please?

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I have a zapier that triggers whenever someone in my team updates a field in pipedrive. However, imagine hypothetically that each of my items has 100 fields. It takes time for them to fill out each field. The problem I noticed is that each time they finish updating one field, zapier is triggering the update zap, counting one task. At the time they finish updating the 100 fields would the 100 tasks. 

It should have a way that we could force zapier to wait some minutes before triggering. Let´s say, if an update happens, wait 2 minutes for the zap to start. If zapier noticed a new update it starts again the clock for a new 2 minutes. That way only one task should happen. Does it make sense?



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I can think of a few ways to do this, but they’d all be workarounds. 

First thing that comes to mind is to filter by a field - And only update when a certain field is changed.

You can do this directly by only updating using “updated deal stage” or you could add a filter to only update once a certain field is updated. 

There’s also other workarounds you could investigate though.