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Filtering Twitter Search by Language?

  • 25 September 2020
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Is there a way to filter the twitter search trigger to only return only tweets written in a particular language (i.e. English)? Language is listed as an Additional Parameter available via the Twitter API, however, I was wondering if it’s possible to invoke this language filter via the standard Zapier Twitter Search Trigger. Thanks!


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So it sounds like you are wanting to:

  • Filter tweets when the are [Language]

This is not too difficult but will required a paid Zapier account (starter will do) as it is a multistep Zap

Twitter provides  lang information among the data it provides, so you will need to block anything that does not match the language code you’re looking for.

This is easy using the Filter APP built into Zapier.

Find the 2 letter language code (

For English it is EN

Then you simply add a filter rule where Lang > (Text) Exactly Matches > en

NB: Note i’m using lowercase en in the rule because twitter provide it in lowercase and to “exactly match” case has to match to.

Do the following steps as normal for the response but anything not English will be dropped.