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Filtering line items for future action step

  • 17 September 2020
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I am trying to generate a new invoice based on a bill i have received. I only want to invoice out certain line items e.g. only invoice out the delivery charge.


I have used line items to create new bills but cannot find a way to cycle through the line items and perform an action (e.g a code step, a filter etc) before moving on to the next line item.


I tried using a code step and arrays but where a value is blank for some line items e.g. tracking code the null is left out of the line item array. 


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Hi @Grantleishman ,

Thanks for reaching out! Could you share what apps you are using so that we can assist further? 

For the coding bit, I’m tagging in coding guru, @ikbelkirasan who might be able to offer some insight. Thanks in advance @ikbelkirasan for any assistance you can provide!

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Hi Liz


I am specifically looking at Xero but Quick books would have the same applications.


As an example, i receive a bill from a supplier for 3 line items. I want to create an invoice from line item 1 to 1 customer and add line items 2 and 3 together, add 10% and send that invoice to customer 2. I also want to be able to filter the line items in case line item 4 is on the bill and I don’t want to do anything with that.


Currently if I filter an invoice for a line item property the invoice passes if any line item has that property.