Filtered GoCanvas Loop data to Google Sheet

  • 25 August 2021
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I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to only send certain row data from a GoCanvas loop screen to Google Sheet based on a condition from another field.

For example, I have data such as below. GoCanvas would typically pass this data by Column separated by a comma. e.g. “Was removed” = Yes,No,Yes :

Was Removed Model Serial Number
Yes A 123
Yes B 345


I only want Zapier to send the Model and Serial number data IF “Was Removed” = Yes. i.e. Only send Google sheets Model A and Model B.

My current ‘standard’ zap sends all three rows. I thought of using a filter between Gocanvas and Google Sheet, but that only appears to read the whole comma delimited data for a field. i.e Yes,No,Yes so always runs. 



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6 replies

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Hi @Grant 

Try using the Looping app to handle line items (aka arrays):


Hi Troy,


Thanks for the info. I tried doing a few different scenarios but I couldn’t get it to do what I need it to do. My current Zap will take the GoCanvas data (Step 1) and creates 3 rows (in the example above) in Google Sheet (Step 2). I can’t put the “looping by Zapier” between GoCanvas and Google Sheet steps as its not allowed (i.e to try and filter the data passed through). If you put the “looping by Zapier” after the Google sheet step then it will won’t change my Google Sheets data as its run after the data transfer.

From my limited understanding the only way to get this to work would be to output my Gocanvas data to a temp Google sheet, do the Looping by Zapier step to action a copy to my main Google sheet which would be cumbersome and easier to write a script.


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Looping can be added between existing Zap steps, which is the purpose of iterating over line items in an array to then perform action steps.

Can you post screenshots of how your Zap steps are configured?

Hi Troy,


The option is greyed out if I try and add between the two action steps.



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You can only have 1 Looping app per Zap.

Do you already have another Looping step in the Zap (not pictured)?


Hi Troy,


Yes that was the cause for that problem. Now managed to slot it in the correct location and setup the loop. Now it is passing all data still and also sending every line for every loop match.