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Filter Zoom recordings by Group to Upload to separate Google Drive folders

  • 14 May 2021
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In Zoom you have the ability to create groups of policies for different employees. We have 4 different groups that play into this question. Group 1: Sales. 2: IT. 3:Learning and Development. 4: Product Owners. Each of these groups have policies set in Zoom that by default record all meetings. We are wanting to export all of these recordings and dump them in their respective Google Drive folders. From the community post below, I know its mostly available. 

Trigger: New Recording (Zoom trigger)

Action: Find/Create Google Drive Folder (Google Drive Search Action)

Action: Upload File (Google Drive Action)

Heres the question though. I want to create 4 different Zaps, for these 4 different groups. And I only want to upload Sales recordings and store them in the Sales folder of Google Drive. Or the IT/L&D/Product owners recordings in their own folder. I dont want to have to manually separate them out.

QUESTION: In Zapier when utilizing the Zoom Recordings to Google Drive zap, is it possible to select specific groups of recordings in Zoom to download, instead of bulk downloading all recordings.


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Hi @bchristenlvt 

Try adding a Filter as Step 2 in your Zap:

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Hi @bchristenlvt, just wanted to check in to see if you were able to get this sorted by adding a filter? I want to make sure you’re all set here, so please let us know!

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Just wanted to follow up here as noticed @bchristenlvt had also reached out to Support about this who also suggested using a Filter step. Sharing part of their response here in case it’s useful to others looking to build a similar workflow:

“Regarding being able to take new recording from Zoom and pass them onto different folders in Google Drive, the biggest question for us is whether there is going to be something in that data from Zoom that lets us know which 'team' this recording is related to (like a specific webinar title, for example).
If so, then you could set up each of those Zaps using this kind of overview:

  • New Recording in Zoom
  • Filter step. This will look to see if that trigger data matched certain conditions (like a certain webinar title, for example), and only continue if it does
  • Upload File in Google Drive.

You can adjust the filter in each of those Zaps so that it only lets one of those types of recordings pass, and the adjust the corresponding Upload File in Google Drive step so that it gets added to the correct folder.”