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Filter: "Only continue if {{data from step 3}} does not match {{data from step 5}}"

  • 1 December 2020
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Hi friends, trying to figure out a way to dynamically pit two pieces of data against each other and see if they match, as opposed to “does {data} match {text I am statically inputting here}”?

My goal is that I am looking at two different orders from the same email address and seeing if the product name is the same. If the product name is the same, it will stop. If the product names are different, it will continue on (to make a new record for a new order).


Thanks for your help! 



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Use a Code step before a Filter step:

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Hi @YFSupport!

If you’re not familiar with Code steps you can also use Formatter by Zapier, and the Spreadsheet-Style Formula function.

You can go here and then in the video at the top of the page, skip to about 2:20 and you’ll see an example of how to compare whether two values match, then output specific values for true and false.

Hope that helps!

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Both of these are great, thanks so much for your help!