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Filter if Canceled within a Certain Range

  • 29 January 2021
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Hey, y’all!

I’m looking to set up two zaps if a Calendly Event is Canceled (I don’t have Paths enabled on my account, so note that I have to do it as two separate zaps and not as one if/or situation):

  1. 48 or more hours before the event is set to take place, 
  2. Or, within 48 hours of when the event is set to take place.

Here’s what I have so far:


Trigger: Invitee Canceled in Calendly

Filter (only continue if): Event Canceled > (Date/time) Before > Event Start Time


Problem is, that would only trigger as long as the user canceled anytime before the event happens. But I want:

  1. Zap 1 to only trigger IF they canceled 48 hours or more in advance of that. 
  2. And Zap 2 to only trigger IF the canceled within 48 hours of when the event is set to take place.

What can I do to filter for “within a certain range,” for both instances? Is there some sort of short code, like “- 48hrs” or something I can add to the “Enter or select value” field, where I currently have “Event Start Time”?


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Hi @Brandi 

Try adding a Formatter step for Date/Time > Add/Subtract Time, to then be used in the Filter conditions.


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Dope! Thank you, @Troy Tessalone! That worked.