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Filter and concatenate "checked" checkboxes from form submission

  • 16 June 2020
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has anyone figured out how to submit a form with CMS-field checkboxes and then save the selected fields as a multi-reference field to a separate CMS collection? In my user onboarding, the user can select category preferences, and I have Categories saved as a CMS field. I want to save whatever the user selects to their Member entry in the CMS, and figure that the best way to do this is via one Categories multi-select field. Here is a screenshot to help visualize what I’m trying to do. Where I’m running into trouble is filtering the form submission for checked categories only and then concatenating those results into something I can submit back to Webflow. Was curious if F’insweet has anything to deal with this?


Here is the current data I’m getting from Webflow into Zapier. What I’d like to do is create a list of the IDs associated with true values (because they were checked). Not sure if I should do this in Webflow or if it can be done in Zapier.



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Hi @alavery2,

Would you mind elaborating a bit on what you’d like the end result to be, in terms of displaying those items that are marked as true? Would it just be a block of text like this:

  • Art & Music
  • Food & Drink
  • Science & Nature

Or would you want to use those checked items in some other way? Thanks!

The idea would be that those items are then used to filter a list of classes that have those items as a specific attribute.

I ended up using Airtable to combine the T/F logic with the different categories, and then used a Patch API call to update the Webflow CMS. Works well! Thanks for looking into this.