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Fetching specific cell data from excel once row is selected

  • 2 November 2022
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COL$X: Not Coaching
COL$Y: Not Coaching
COL$Z: Not Coaching
COL$AA: Not Coaching
COLSAB: Not Coaching
COL$AC: Not Coaching
COL$AD: Not Coaching
COL$AE: Not Coaching
COL$AF: Not Coaching
COL$AG: Not Coaching
COL$AH: Not Coaching

I have the above data popped out as an output of the previous step in zap.
This data is not in table format but it is an individual line for say "COL$X: Not Coaching" is one line next to that is another line.

This data is fetched from excel.

Now what I want to do is from this data, I have to select all those values which have a blank value assigned.

For example - COL$W:, COLSAI: in the above


I tried figuring out if I can search through each column of the respective row after getting that row selected with the look-for rows. But wasn’t able to do that using the loop function or even using code.

I think the way to do that is to convert this into a table and then fetch the respective rows having blank values assigned. However, I didn't figure out any way to do so in zapier.

Please guide me If I am missing anything here or if there is any other alternate and better way to do this.


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Hey there @Tushar!

I think I understand what you need to do -- you need to flag or highlight cells that have no value in the rows that we return for you, is that correct?

It also sounds like you were hoping to iterate through an entire sheet via Zapier to examine all or some of the data relative to the blank cells you found.  Is that correct?

I can say that Zapier does not have any ways for you to iterate through an entire sheet based on a row being returned to us.  Zapier’s spreadsheet actions are built around the “Rows” but not the “Columns” as well, which sounds like it will limit your ideal workflow here.

Zapier can tell you what fields are blank being returned to us, but you would accomplish this by evaluating every single cell and compare that to a blank string.  You can find details on that in this help guide, but it would be very task intensive as you would need to do this evaluation on every single string being returned.  One could accomplish something similar using a Code Step, doing a similar evaluation and only use 1 task for all of the strings instead of 1 task per string to compare.

In the end I’m not sure Zapier would be a great fit for what you are trying to accomplish here with our standard apps, but since we do offer Code Steps you could theoretically accomplish some of the things you were trying to do with this workflow idea.

Let me know what questions I can answer for you!


Thanks for the revert.

Yes, you understood that correctly. What I want to do is after getting a respective row, I wish to navigate all available columns of that sheet in a returned row to figure out which are having blank values assigned and then move that data to the next step.


So I will try to do that using excel formulas and code steps in zapier if I can.

Hoping to crack that soon.



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Hi @Tushar!

Were you able to try @RALaBarge’s suggestion? If so I’d love to know how you got on :) 

I did check the response and looking at that my understanding was confirmed that it is not possible to automate what i was looking for.

So i skipped as it is not worth it.