Fetch Salesforce Account records and update Notes Field from Slack

  • 12 June 2020
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Hi everyone,

Just trying to put in here after endless research and no luck. I want to fetch Salesforce Accounts from slack using Account name and update notes field on that Account in Salesforce from slack. Is it possible through Zapier? 

Any guidance/help/feedback is appreciated. :slight_smile:


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Hi @karora!

I see that you were in touch with our Support team and they helped you out. For anyone else who finds this thread. You’d elaborated, saying you wanted the following:

  1. Type/Search for Account Name in Slack which exists as an Account in Salesforce.
  2. Slack returns me with all the closest names of Accounts/Cases/Contacts/Opportunities/Tasks (just Accounts could work for now) in Salesforce.
  3. Select one of the Account and Slack to fetch one of the fields from that record (which is Notes in my case)
  4. I should be able to update the Notes from Slack into Salesforce without having to open Salesforce on my browser.

And my teammate had responded with:

So this is pretty far out of what we as Zapier Support are going to be able to help with, but this doesn't mean it's impossible.
If you or someone on your team is advanced when it comes to automation development, you can explore building a Slack app:
You can explore the different options there like forms and slash commands. Most of these app options will have the ability to send webhooks which you can connect to Zapier.
While we do not have an internal service for building custom Zaps, we do have a program available of Zapier certified Agency Partners who can help with your setup.
You can choose a Zapier Agency Partner in one of two ways:

  1. Search for a Zapier Agency Partner on your own in our directory:
  2. Submit a project request via this form:

Hope this is helpful to others :)