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FB Lead =>zap to google sheet=>zap round robin email=>THEN zap (the email) the lead was sent to?

  • 5 December 2020
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Need help with step 3...please!

Step 1: I have FB Leads being zapped to google sheet 

Step 2: Right after that, using round robin zap to send the lead info via office 365 to agents

Step 3: After lead is sent to (output: agent email) I need to append to the step 1 google sheet row with the agent’s email address that the lead was sent to.






Best answer by Troy Tessalone 5 December 2020, 20:54

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Seems like you may need to do a lookup/update in the Zap.


So, I just ran through that scenario on Zapier.  I dont’ know how that would work.


Leads coming in at 10-20 an hour, zapping into a google sheet and immediately sending emails to agents round robin using office 365 zap.    This is working perfectly except the documenting of who these leads goes to is not NEAT and easy right now.


using lookup spreadsheet row, I would be setting it to lookup what? the output lead email? and then...not sure I understand 


The only reference for zapier on who this lead is sent to is by the output email address of the agent receiving it.


Could you explain your thought more


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You may need to parse the sent email to get the lead details that are sent to the agent’s email, then lookup the email address of the lead in the GSheet and update with the agent’s email address.

Troy I wanted to thank you for always answering so quickly when I post my questions

Troy, Question for you.  I got everything to work perfectly.  

HERE is my new question that I am trying to figure out.  

How can I send to multiple people, using round robin.  The current zap round robin is working perfectly, routing, looking up and updating, but I need to now get a faster response from those receiving the leads, so I wanted to send to TWO (agents) at once keeping with the round robin structure.

is this possible do you know within zapier using my current method which is round robin through [formatter]



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That logic can be trickier.

Depends on what the criteria is for choosing which 2 agents to send emails.

TBD: Could run the Agent selector step twice in the Zap, but that might result in selecting the same Agent twice.