Facebook Pages to Google Sheets (Create New Row) Not Working

  • 26 February 2020
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Hi people :)

Please help me, my integration doesn't work :/

Zapier is telling me that a new row has been created,

but when I check the spreadsheet, there is no update at all :(

Anyone had similar issues? Is there a support team that can message me in private?

All the best!

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3 replies

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Hi @TechDealsGermany

Yep, Zapier has 24/7 support. You can open a ticket here:

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@TechDealsGermany happy to try and troubleshoot this here! Are you able to pass along a screenshot of how your spreadsheet is set up along with how you've filled our your action template?

You might also consult this guide to ensure your spreadsheet is set up properly:

Let us know!

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@TechDealsGermany Just following up on this issue! It looks like our support team replied back to you on February 28th after taking a look at your Task History for this Zap and said:


“Whenever you see those {{ ... }} brackets around entries in the "Data In" section of an action step, this means the field that's mapped in didn't have any data coming to it from the previous step when the Zap ran. In this case, we couldn't find the ‘picture’ field in the previous steps. Can you tell us which field should be mapped to column C to have the picture you're looking for?”


Feel free to reply here or within the support thread and we’d be happy to continue working through this with you!