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Facebook Page doesnt show link properly

  • 17 April 2020
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Hello everyone. I’m having a problem with the Facebook Page. I have connected it to my facebook acc and confirmed all the permissons. However when i try to text in Message Text, it always show “Link:” it supposed to be link of my facebook post? 
This happens when i try to connect my facebook page to discord. I used Facebook Group connect to Discord it works perfectly but i dont know why Page to discord it becomes like this.
Can someone help me how to fix this? Thanks and sorry for my bad English



Best answer by AndrewJDavison_Luhhu 17 April 2020, 10:21

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5 replies

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Hi @Dark 

What you’re seeing here is placeholder data to help you build the zap.

When you run the zap live, that link will be replaced by the link to your Facebook post.

Try it out, and let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

Thank you for your help. Now it works perfectly. But i have another problem: 
I am connecting it to my Discord, so i want to wirte a tag role in my text but the message doesnt work properly when it comes to Discord (it just show the @role but not ping at all). i want to know if i could wirte a tag in my message?

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Hi @Dark 

I’m not sure familiar with Discord - can you show me an example of what a tag looks like and how you want it presented in the message?

@AndrewJDavison_Luhhu I’m having the same issue mentioned by the author, some @roles work and some don’t. For instance, this ran correctly and the yellow highlight means I was pinged by the server: 

@everyone ping, worked.

However, when I made a role to filter different kinds of posts, the custom role is worded exactly as it is in my server, but nothing triggers:

@VeryEpic, does not work.

As far as I can tell, the permissions in Discord should be the same for both mentions, but it may be a Discord issue and not Zapier? I’m still learning to use both, and I apologize if this was covered in another post that I missed. Thank you for your time!

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Hi @Dark and @LovelyEpicLucy, thanks for sharing the screenshot, I can see what you mean with the ‘tag’.

I checked and the Zapier Discord integration doesn’t currently support this kind of @mention - we do have a feature request open for this addition and I’ve added you both to the list of interested users. This lets the team know how many folks want to see this addition and also means that we’ll send you an email if we have an update.