Facebook Lead to RingCentral Create Webinar Registrant

  • 28 November 2020
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Do you know how I can have a Facebook Ads Lead zap to RingCentral and Create Webinar Registrant?


The meetings and webinar functions of RingCentral are fully powered by Zoom, essentially RingCentral meetings and webinars ARE Zoom meetings and webinars with different branding. 

It is completely possible to have a Facebook Ads Lead zap to ZOOM and Create Webinar Registrant.

So How can we do the same with RingCentral meetings and webinars???


Your help would be GRATELY appreciated. 



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7 replies

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[ADVANCED] Look into using the RingCentral API:

Not sure “Create Webinar Registrant” is an available endpoint though.

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Yes, PLRASE I’d absolutely love to connect Facebook lead ads to RingCentral Webinars in the same way it can be done into Zoom Webinars. 

Is it possible?

Same question as RaceMan. Are we able to automatically trigger the creation of a RingCentral video meeting invite? In our case, we are using a new appointment booked in Setmore as the trigger. 

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Hi @RealNex!

We have an existing feature request to add a Create Meeting action and I’ve added your vote to that. You’ll receive an email notification when it gets implemented.

@RaceMan In your case, it’s a bit different because you’re looking to do it with webinars, I’d say your best bet is to reach out to our Support team and they can explore whether it’s possible, and if so they can create that feature request. 

Also, in the case of RingCentral they own and maintain that integration, so it never hurts to reach out to the app developer directly to make the request :)

Thank you all for the responses. I suppose I’m frustrated that the RingCentral Webinar service (which is a rebranded version of ZOOM) does not have the same API functionality as ZOOM Webinars. 

I’d like to press the issue with RingCentral support but I’m not 100% certain who to request this API update. 

Do you have any thoughts on who to contact?



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Hey @howtogetcreative!

I totally understand that it’s frustrating that you can’t do all the things with RingCentral as you can with Zoom’s integration. You could try posting in RingCentral’s community, or reaching out to their Support team. Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction :)