Facebook lead into Salesforce - Contact number issue

  • 30 March 2020
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Hey Zapier community I need assistance ASAP, please. I am working for an Digital Agency and we have an account on Zapier for one of our Clients. We are using Zapier to integrate Facebook leads into Salesforce. We are having problems capturing contact numbers. We have tried various different Zap setups and Salesforce or Zapier keeps picking up errors with contact number. Salesforce can only take 10 digits (for a contact number). People tend to type our their numbers in weird ways, so we have attempted at putting in rule to deal with that, however we are still having problems. PLEASE HELP! For example a normal number should look somthing like this (071234567) some people will leave out the 0 or they will type it with the RSA code (+2771234567). So we did a find and replace, find +27 and replace it with 0. But then people tend to type their number without +27 or without the initial 0. 


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1 reply

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Hi @BFS2020 

Have you tried using a “Formatter->Numbers->Format Phone Number” step? You should be able to use that to get the format you need.