Facebook Lead Ads to ConvertKit

  • 4 June 2020
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I am trying to create a FB Lead generation ad and I want to send a lead magnet (as a.pdf) - trying to build my email list. I'm not sure how to do this. Can I do it on the Thank You page of the FB Lead form by having people click a link to my website where they can download it? Or, because I am using ConvertKit, can a Zapier integration put their contact information directly into a landing page (which could send an incentive email with a download link)? Any information about how the Zap puts contact info from the FB lead ad into CK would be helpful to understand how to best accomplish this.
Thank you.

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3 replies

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I’m not super familiar with ConvertKit, but you can use Zapier to send information from the Facebook Lead Ads form to ConvertKit. 


Can you set up a sequence in ConvertKit that will send the pdf that you want to your contact? Or does adding a Subscriber to a form allow you to send the pdf? If so, this should be possible with Zapier. 


You’ll want to start with the Facebook Lead Ads trigger New Lead. Then, either use the Convert Kit action Add Subscriber to form or Add Subscriber to sequence (depending on which one of those will allow you to send the pdf.


Does that give you an idea of how to get started?

Thank you! I’m figuring it thing remains that I can‘t figure out. I’ve got the FBLA set up with a form that has first name and email address. However, the ZAP is not giving me first names, only email addresses. Any idea why this would be and/or how to remedy?

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Hi @DRM!

Would you be able to elaborate on what you mean by “the ZAP is not giving me first names, only email addresses”? Is this on the ConvertKit step? If you could share a screenshot that illustrates the issue you’re having, that would be super helpful. Thanks!