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Facebook lead ad form only pulling email through to Active Campaign

I’ve set up a new Zap (first one, very new to this) to pull data from a FB ad lead form into an Active Campaign automation but only the email address is coming through, no First Name, Surname or Phone.

Any ideas?

I’ve tried setting it up several times, always same result.

Thanks, John


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Hey there, @JohnZap!
Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community! 🎉

Facebook Lead Ads can definitely be tricky sometimes! Can you double check if the test lead created has those fields (first, surname, and phone) filled out? If they don’t they wouldn’t come through in the test.  I might also recommend giving this a look through as well. 🙂

Keep us posted! We definitely want to help.

Thanks for your reply :-) I’ve had a look at that post, done some more tests but it’s still not bringing in the names and phone number. Do I need to map them somehow or do they do it automatically once the emails been added?

I can’t find any tutorials other than what I’ve already done or any support numbers.

The FB form has: First name, Surname, Email and Phone number - only the email is getting added to Active Campaign. All fields are filled in when I test it.

Any further help would be appreciated, I have an ad going live tomorrow.

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Hello @JohnZap  did you map all the fields from FB Lead Form Submission Trigger to ActiveCampaign.

Can you please share screenshots of both the steps so I can help you better

Hi, I could see a way of mapping the names and email so assumed it would recognise them automatically.

This is a screen shot of the action I set up. Let me know if you need another screen shot.


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Hello @JohnZap 

It wont get mapped automatically unless you map the data fields from the trigger step to action step.

Here in this case for ActiveCampaign, use the Action Step as Create or Update Contact through which you will be able to map the fields like First Name and other details.

Also add a Specific Tag to the Contacts through Zapier.Later create an Automation inside ActiveCampaign with the Trigger as New Tag Added To Contact.

This is the better way to add contacts inside ActiveCampaign through Zapier.


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Thanks for the response :-) I already have an automation that I’m trying to add the contacts which delivers an asset via email 5 mins after they sign up. Can Zapier not do that? I thought the action of adding contacts directly to an automation was doable.

Or are yo saying the only way to add all the fields is to Create or Add a new contact to Active Campaign and then trigger the automation?

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Hey, @JohnZap 

One issue that you might be running into, based on your screenshots, is that your actual field names in your Facebook Lead Ads account may not match the generic fields that are available. For example, if the generic field in FBLA is “email” but your actual form uses “email address”, it won’t work the way you intended. The Zap needs an exact match. This is especially true if you’re triggering from any form in your account, but each for uses slightly different field name. Another common example of this is “last name” vs “surname”.

Can you try loading a real trigger sample from your FBLA account, then re-map and test again?

Thanks for all the help - I’ve fixed it now by simply adding a new contact as opposed to adding to an automation. I then add to the automation by adding the relevant tag, as pointed out above.

All sorted and contacts now being added to the automation.

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Hey @JohnZap, really glad to hear you were able to sort this one out! I am going to summarize some of the suggestions here that helped you solve this one, to help anyone who may be running into a similar issue:

  1. The first thing to check is if the test lead created has those fields (first, surname, and phone) filled out? If not, they wouldn’t come through. Check out this help article regarding pulling custom fields into your Zap from the FB Lead Ads form. 
  2. For your workflow, @Satya09 suggested that it’s better to use the “Create or Update Contact” action for ActiveCampaign instead of the “Add Contact to Automation” action because it surfaced additional fields to map your custom FB Lead Ads fields into. 
  3. Additionally, @Satya09 suggested adding a Specific Tag to the Contacts during that step. Afterward, you can create an Automation inside ActiveCampaign with the Trigger as New Tag Added To Contact to get to your desired outcome.

Great teamwork here, folks! If anything else comes up, the Community is here to help. 🙂