Facebook images missing in Circle post

  • 26 February 2022
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Trying to streamline our communites :) I created a zap so that any new post in our facebook page would zap to our community as a new post. 

The zap worked and the message shows, but I would like videos and pictures to show in the post as well. 


Am I missing a step here?? not sure what to insert for Meta Title, Description, OpenGraph Title, OpenGraph Description. 


Thank you for any help!


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2 replies

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Hey @Aleysia

I’m not super familiar with the Circle integration but it doesn’t look like theres a specific field there for specifying an image. I do see that there’s a Custom HTML field there though. So I’m wondering if you could put in an image tag (<img src=”http://imagefromfacebook.jpg” />) into that field in order to display the image from Facebook in the post? For the src=”” part of the image tag you’d select the Full Res Picture field from the facebook step. 

For example:


I believe the Meta Title, Meta Description, OpenGraph Title and OpenGraph Description fields are used for SEO but there doesn’t appear to be a Meta/OpenGraph property field for specifying an image. Circle talk about these meta tags on their website here: Customize meta tags for improved SEO and link previews

Can you try adding an image link to the Custom HTML field to see if that renders the image as hoped?



Thank you so much for helping me figure it out. I tried to insert from the format you showed but it did not show an image in our community posts on


Here is what I inserted: 


any thoughts? Thank you so much! Could this same step be done for when videos are uploaded from our facebook timeline?