Facebook customer audiences "Failed to update the custom audience" error

  • 12 October 2021
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I am getting this error message. Not sure how to fix it: Unable to add email to custom audience. (#2650) Failed to update the custom audience: This audience was created from data source EVENT_BASED.PLATFORM, which does not support data source FILE_IMPORTED.HASHES_OR_USER_IDS.

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6 replies

Also getting this error: 

Problem removing Sample: Our computers ran into a problem.

Uh oh, something is not quite right! This might be a temporary problem though, so you may want to try that again or contact support if this persists!

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Try checking the available help articles:


Otherwise, might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hey @Jhay08,

That “Failed to update the custom audience” error usually occurs when a Zap attempts to add a user to a custom audience that wasn’t created by Zapier. To fix this you’ll need to temporarily add a Create Custom Audience action to your Zap to create an audience through Zapier which you can add emails to. Then once that’s it’s created the desired custom audience, you can remove that step from the Zap.

This help guide has further details on how to do that: Error: "2650" or "Failed to update the custom audience"

Hope that helps to get your Zap working! :)

@SamB It did not solve the problem. It is still the same, please see screenshot attached.

I am also getting this error. I tried everything from this

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Oh no! I’m really sorry my suggestion didn’t work out as hoped, @Jhay08 :(

I don’t have access to the logs for your Zap unfortunately, so I can’t dig in to see if we’re getting any additional details from Facebook as to what’s causing those errors. I think the next best step here will be to contact our Support Team so that they can investigate further and help get this sorted. Fingers crossed they’ll be able to get to the bottom of these errors soon! :)