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Extreme delay faced in Trigger

  • 3 February 2021
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Since a week I am facing extreme delays in my zaps triggering. The triggers are mostly on Google Sheet “Row updated” triggers where if a particular column value is changed then the zap should be triggered.

So ideally these zaps should be and always have triggered instantly or max. with 5min of the change. But since a week these zaps have been triggering almost 30-60min after the change.

I have raised support tickets for it but I am unable to understand the reason for delay. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? Need help to resolve this as it is impacting business


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Hi @Pallavi 

Yes, I’ve seen others recently mentioning the same issues with trigger delays from GSheets, altho I have yet to see an explanation as to why.

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Hi @Pallavi!

I see that you reached out to Support and they responded with some instructions. For anyone else who finds this thread, here’s what they had to say:

We've identified that there is an issue with Google not sending us the notifications which trigger this Google Sheets trigger event in a timely manner. This looks to be a widespread issue that is impacting both Zapier customers and non-customers alike.

We'll be sure to reach out to you once the issue has been resolved in full, but I'd recommend switching to the "Team Drive" variant of this trigger event as it uses a polling trigger instead of relying on an incoming webhook from Google. With this variant, the Zap will check for new/updated rows every 5 minutes as you're subscribed to the Professional plan (this is about the same amount of time it would take for the non "Team Drive" variant to trigger even if Google wasn't having issues at the moment).


Hopefully this helps others who are running into this issue!


I’m facing this issue too and did submit to Zapier Support.

The trigger is not consistent and some of the mapping field within the Filter by Zap also went missing.
I have to recheck and remap all the Filter one by one which ard 200+ Zap.  Even I’ve tested with a very simple Form submission which only Name & email address, it takes ard 20 mins to 1 hr for the trigger.

As you recommend switching to (Team Drive), don’t think it is doable cos I have 31 Folders with the 7 documents per folder and it is on production.  And the user doesn’t have Team Drive.

Hope the issue can be solved ASAP.