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Extracting metafield data from Shopify to Google Sheets

  • 2 September 2020
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I’ve been stuck for days on this and am not sure how to do this. 

What I’m trying to do:

  1. Each time a new order from Shopify comes in, create a new row in a sheet in a specific Google Sheets file
  2. From Shopify order, pull metafield data that is delimited (not properly formatted because I am utilsing an app to customise fields)
  3. Then insert each of the formatted metafield data point (after proper formatting) into each of the specific cells in Google Sheets


I am able to get point 1 up easily.

For 2, I use Formatter and got screenshot 1 below which seems to looks OK. It looks strange though, that after “0:”, it continues with “0:” again.

For 3, I have issues with it. With reference to screenshot 2 below, I can’t seem to see the nicely broken down line items I see in screenshot 1, for utilisation in the “Type or Insert” fields. All I see is the jumbled up unformatted full line item. 

How am I able to do this correctly, such that I can correctly utilise the outputs from the Formatter?





Screenshot 1



Screenshot 2



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Hi @zhhan ,

Checking in here as I see you were working with Support on this Zap. It looks like you were able to use the using the Split Text function within Formatter to solve this issue! Let our team know if you have any additional questions- always happy to help!

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@zhhan do you still need help on it? We could help you out with some custom code.