Extract sheet from email and save to Google Drive

  • 5 December 2022
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I wnat to extract an excel sheet from an email and save to google docs or other shared folder which I can sync to a server to process. I nkw I need email parser.  The email will arive to office 365 from a customer and contain an order. I may also need to parse data from the email and append to the spreadheet before saving. Can you provide a orkflow or example please?

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6 replies

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Hey there @CJAB!  Our Email Parser by Zapier app is unable to parse attachments.  It can only parse rather simple emails where all of the content is in the body.  If you needed to be able to parse attachments, is an excellent tool with Zapier support and can for sure help you with this.

Zapier does have a Formatter app which one can use to extract data from a CSV, however, an Excel file is a different format than CSV.  If you could get a CSV file sent to you instead, you may be able to set up a Zap like this to get the data from it:

Gmail New Email trigger => Formatter by Zapier Utility Import CSV File action => …

As far as appending to the attached file itself, I know for sure that Zapier is unable to help with that and I am pretty sure that Mailparser does not support that either, but not 100% on their support!

To be clearer I only want to separate the attachement which is an excel file and save it to Google Drive or other method to get it to our physical server. I don’t nee to parse the excel in zapier.

Is this possible?



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You can use the Zapier Parser if you need to parse some information out of the email body (will also contain any attachments)


If you don’t need to parse anything Outlook or Gmail also have triggers in Zapier. 

You would then just need an upload file action step (Google Drive). Pass the attachment field from the trigger step. 

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Hi there @CJAB - friendly check in to see how things are coming along? Let us know either way, we’re here to help! Best- Rachael


getting on well recently since I got some hints from your support. Plan to use zap pier more soon. I want help to extract an excel file attached to an email and save the Excell file to google drive for download to local server. This is to receive sales orders. Any ideas please.

Chris JA Brown


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Hi there @CJAB - certainly! This link has a ton of handy information around attachments and uploads to Google Drive, it seems like a good starting point for your question:


Let me know if this helps or if you have a particular roadblock that we can help you solve!