Extract info from CRM to create New Customer in QB

  • 22 January 2023
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Hey there!

I’m relatively new to Zapier and automations (I only have a couple of simple things running) and looking to create something a bit more complicated (for me!).

I currently use a CRM that does not connect with Quickbooks. When I create a client in my CRM, I’d like to automatically have a new Customer created in QB. I’d like to be able to include First Name, Last Name, Company (if available), Email, Phone, Billing Address, Fee, etc.

My original thought was the send an automatic email to myself with the info I want then find a way for Zapier to put that info info QB. Is that possible?

Any alternative/more efficient suggestions would be appreciated as well.



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7 replies

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Hi @Conjuror 

Good question.

What CRM app are you using?


If you want to do email parsing there are some options:

  1. Email Parser by Zapier:
    1. Free and not very robust
  2. Mailparser:
    1. More robust and may require a paid plan
  3. Code:
    1. Can create a custom code step to act as an email parser


QBO available Zap triggers/actions:


Thanks for the quick response, Troy.

I use a CRM called It’s built for entertainers by an entertainer.

Quick follow up...I created an automation in the CRM that sends me an email with the info I want within the email body. Will these options you mention grab that information and move it to QB?

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Email parsers have to be configured to parse the desired data points based on the provided email template.

Email Parser by Zapier is free and not very reliable unless the templates is very consistent and specific.

Okay, here’s a “newbie” question…

  • What are the desired data points you mention?
  • Email template? Would that mean like if I created a email like this (see below) that comes from the CRM and contains the info?

Client Name: $contact_full_name

Company: $contact_account_name

Address: $company_billing_address_street $company_billing_address_city, $company_billing_address_state $company_billing_address_postalcode


Cell Phone: $contact_phone_mobile

Email: $contact_email1


Date of Event: $gig_date_long

Start Time: $gig_show_time

Name of Event: $gig_name

Show Details: $gig_description


Fee: $gig_amount


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I created an automation in the CRM that sends me an email with the info I want within the email body.

Can you post a screenshot of the received email template?


What are the desired data points you mention?

Essentially you need to tell the app which data points to parse from the email template.

For example...

Cell Phone: $contact_phone_mobile

Email: $contact_email1

Then you want to parse $contact_phone_mobile AND you want to parse $contact_email1, so you can then map those variable to QBO in the Zap step.


Also, I’d recommend passing Address as separate data points in the email template.

Address - Street: $company_billing_address_street

Address - City: $company_billing_address_city

Address - State: $company_billing_address_state

Address - Zip: $company_billing_address_postalcode

I pasted the exact CRM template above.

Okay, I think I understand (a bit more!) now. Thank you! I’ll give this a shot and see what happens.


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Email Parser by Zapier help articles: