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Export a Salesforce report to a Google folder on a weekly basis

  • 21 September 2020
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We need to export a given salesforce report on a weekly basis and drop the .csv file in a google folder.

There is no condition to this, just export the file each Friday for instance. I don’t know how to do this, there is no “field update” or action, just export the salesforce report “xxx” to “this” google folder each week. Also, we don’t need versions for now, we can overwrite the same file again and again ; but it would be nice as well...

Is it possible ?



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@YG. -

None of Salesforce’s Zapier Actions would currently do this. They’re all based around records and campaigns, not reports. This feels like one of those that might actually be easier to do by hand.


To save yourself some time, you could use Schedule by Zapier + Google Drive to automatically create a folder each week. You’d nab the report by hand – hopefully you’re looking at it weekly already! – and drop it in. One manual step, but better than two. 

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Thanks for the answer ; I’ll investigate the “schedule” capabilities to start with.