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  • 29 June 2020
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I’m a newbie trying to set up a zap from Excel (source: OneDrive) that will create a new page in when I add a new row in a spreadsheet.  It “finds” my data and I have it working on the samepage side, but only for a specific row - not for a new row.  I think it’s because the fields I see when setting up the zap are not just the column name, but include column data.

Here’s my trigger set up:

It sees my data, but is not recognizing column names.  Here’s what my Excel looks like (and filter/no filter didn’t seem to matter):

How can I get it to see the column names?  I want it to “select” only the bold text below, not they gray text, so that each time I create a new row (with new data in Assessment, User, etc.) it zaps me a new page in samepage:



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3 replies

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Hi @Altchar,


Thanks for the screenshots, and I know it can get confusing that the header row isn’t showing up as the labels for the columns, but I wanted to clarify a couple of things. 


  1. Are you wanting to use the data from the new row in your zap, or from all rows, or just the new row and the header-row/column names?
  2. For your action step, (I think you were referring to it as a new page in “samepage” is that correct?) are you able to select the information as you have shown in your last screenshot?


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@PaulKortman  Hi!  Thanks for the help.  I am wanting to use all data from this spreadsheet, but I plan to add to it over time and don’t want to have to recreate a zap each time.  I won’t want it to overwrite or recreate or edit previous samepage pages that were previously zapped/created.  But, whenever I add a new row, I would want a corresponding new page to be created via the zap.  For now, I am just using placeholder data, but it will grow.

I think I may have it working now using a table in my spreadsheet.  The fields are going where i want them on the new page.  Here’s what it looks like when I get a new page in samepage:


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I’m happy to hear it’s working, let us know if there are any other questions!