Excel to monday - Sync multiple items

  • 9 December 2020
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I have made a zap which succesfully sync data between a excelark and on one specific Item line. Althought I have 180 Itemlines in that board and I would like to make one zap that automatically updates a specific column for ALL items when changed in the excel ark. 


As far as I can see this is not possible - but maybe someone else have done it and knows a shortcut? I would like to avoid creating 180 individual zaps for each item line in :-) 

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4 replies

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Did you try this action? Monday - Update Item Multiple Column Values

In Monday.labs, turn on Developer Mode


Hi Troy. Yes - I tried. But that is only for multiple columns - and not Item-lines. Unfortunately that doesn’t solve my problem :( 

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Ok, sorry I misunderstood what you were asking.

Have you tried using Batch Actions in the Monday UI?

Depending on how frequently the data in Excel is being updated it might be over engineering a solution trying to automate this when it can be done manually.


[ADVANCED] Otherwise, you’d likely have to use the Monday API:

With the API you could GET all the desired line items in Monday then TBD on the API endpoints either bulk update or iterate thru the line items to update the desired column value.

This would involve the Code app or Webhooks app.


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@sabrinadevett - were you able to get this Zap squared away using Troy’s suggestion? Let us know!