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Excel to Buffer -- invalid image error

  • 9 September 2021
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I’m using a Microsoft form on our sharepoint which populates an excel worksheet. The image url is something like

I have a zap setup to read from the worksheet and send it to our buffer scheduler but it complains of an invalid image when it gets to that point.

A URL of this form is ok tho -

Is Zapier unable to read sharepoint images urls or would it be a problem?



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Hello! If I understand correctly, you’ve got a list of image links in a spreadsheet. Is that right? I tried opening the image URL at the bottom of this post and was asked to sign in. I suspect that’s what’s happening with your Zap—it can’t pull in the image. Zapier can’t pull in an image from a URL unless it’s public, I’m afraid, and we don’t have a Sharepoint integration. Is there some way you could host the images somewhere else? 

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Just wanted to follow up here to confirm that if the image isn’t publicly accessible (meaning a login is required to view it) then, as jpot mentioned, Buffer won’t be able to access it. You can find out more about this here: Send files in Zaps

It looks as though it’s possible to create sharing links for files in SharePoint, but if the files are uploaded directly via the form then it may not be possible to use a sharing link in this case. 

An alternative would be to either alter the settings on the form’s file upload fields so that the files are publicly accessible. Or to make sure that they are uploaded to a shared folder that is publicly accessible. That should then allow Buffer to be able to access the images that are uploaded.