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Eventbrite doesn’t pull any data when the Zap is live.

Hi There,

I am having issues with some of my Eventbrite zaps. We run a lot of Eventbrite zaps and have been doing so for years, so are quite stumped at the moment.

The issue doesn’t appear to be consistent in any way, it is happening to some events and not to others. In some cases it is happening to specific days in a multiday event and not others, even though the zap and events are set up in the exact same way.

When we run tests, the data is pulled through and we can test the actions without issue. However, when the zap goes live, it doesn’t pull any data through. 

There are no zap errors or failed attempts in the history (the history is empty). So we are at a loss. Is anyone else experiencing these issues or does anyone have a fix?

We have also tried re-creating the zaps and re-establishing the connection to the Eventbrite account. I fear this may be an Eventbrite/Zapier side issue, however I am still awaiting a response from them directly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Daniel Harris 

Good question.

Might be best to open a ticket with Zapier Support:


My Eventbrite trigger is triggering slowly

For Eventbrite triggers that are not instant, in order to ensure that we only trigger on new items that have complete information, your zap will make sure that a new item shows up with the same info in consecutive checks for new data. This can result in zaps triggering on new items more slowly.

I created a new event but it didn't trigger my zap

Events created in Eventbrite need to be published in order to be picked up by the New Event trigger. Double check to make sure that the event is in a published state.

We are having the exact same issue with our Eventbrite trigger. The zaps are not being processed even though the setup of them has been the same for years. We are finding them in the new area of zapier called “Transfer Existing data” where we have to process them manually instead of them automatically processing and showing up in zap history.

I think there is an issue with Eventbrite's trigger.

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Hi @Daniel Harris!

I see that you contacted Support. I found another thread related to an issue we’re seeing with New Attendee and New Order triggers, created in our newer Zap editor (the one that allows users to create drafts). I’ve left a note on that ticket, for the Customer Champion that next helps you out.

@SalesOptima I’d suggest getting in touch with our Support team as well:

Feel free to reference this Community post :)

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Hey folks! Just circling back here after some investigation with our support team. As it turns out, this is a bug with our Eventbrite integration, in combination with the new drafts version of the Zap editor.  

If you’re interested in the details, this was happening because event IDs were being stored in the wrong format, meaning when the Zap got the notifications about a new registration, the event ID it saw did not match the event ID it had stored, therefore, not triggering the Zap.

The best fix in the meantime is to move your Zapier account back to the previous version of the Zap editor, which you can request by writing into our support team, here:

As soon as this bug gets resolved, we will update this thread to let you know. I have also added each of you to the bug report so you get an email alerting you of the fix as well. 

Hang in there! This is high on our list so I am sure we’ll get it resolved soon. 🙂



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Hey folks! Great news: we were able to get this one resolved pretty quickly! This has now been resolved for both versions of the editor. Just keep in mind that your Zaps experiencing this issue will need to be edited and have the event re-selected before they will work properly.

If you have any other issues/follow-up questions related to this, in particular, our support team will be the best group to assist you: