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Error in Google Sheet When Sending Phone Number from Calendly

  • 9 September 2020
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Hey, y’all!

I have a Zap set up like so:

  1. Trigger: Invitee Created in Calendly
  2. Then: Create Row in Google Sheet (which sends the client’s info from the Calendly booking to a new row)

One of the Calendly questions is an ability for the user to get text alerts send to their phone for the event, and Calendly automatically places an international calling code in front of the number (ex from the U.S.: +1 800 555-5555).

Problem is, when that field is sent to my Google Sheet, it thinks it’s a formula (since it starts with +). So, it displays “!ERROR” in the field, instead of their phone number.

Anyone know a way I can do a work-around, so that the phone number displays and not an error?

Thank ya!


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4 replies

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Formatter Replace:

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Use formatter to take the phone number and spit it out in only the number format. 

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Hi @Brandi!

You should be able to try the suggestions by @Troy Tessalone and @sardamit to get what you need :) If you end up giving those a shot and it works for you, we’d love to hear which way you ended up going!

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Ack! I don’t know why, @nicksimard, et. al., but I JUST got notified that these replies happened via an email notification. My sincere apologies—I no longer needed this zap as of a while back and I also hadn’t seen the Formatter tool from Zapier as a step. I’m certain that would have worked. Thanks for your help, everyone!