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  • 14 December 2022
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Hello! I am trying to have my gmail send a scheduling update email to our clients when a trello card is moved. It will send the email through but it will not pull the “install date” from the install date field. I have it set up as seen below. I am very new to Zapier and am sure this is an easy fix!


Thank you in advance!



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6 replies

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Hi @jayw 

it looks like you have everything configured correctly. have you tried turning the Zap on and running a live test?
Then you can check you Zapier History to see all the data that was sent or received in Zapier

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Hey @jayw,

You’ve probably already checked, but make sure the Trello card that pulls into your first step has an “Install Date”.

While building your Zap, if you moved a Trello card that didn’t have a value in that “Install Date” field, that might cause the issue. You can simply move another card that does have a value and “refresh” the examples pulled into your Trigger step. 

Hope this helps!

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Hey there @jayw - checking in with your progress on Trello and your Zap, were you able to grab the data you were looking for or finding the right value for Install Date? Let us know either way!





Thank you all for your help! I have tried all of the above and have not yet been successful. I am sure that I am just missing something simple lol 


It sends the email just will not fill in the install date. 

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Here is what comes to me



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Hey @jayw  - just checking in here, I hope your Zap is working the way you want it to now :) but just in case not, here are a few things to check 

  • In your Zap, go ahead and pull a new sample of a more recent card that has moved, to build your Zap [what I think may be happening, is something about that “install date” field has changed. Perhaps it was renamed, moved etc...] [how to pull a new sample] 
  • Once you have pulled a new card, find the field and map it and turn your Zap back ON 
  • If that’s all good -- go into your most recent run in your run history and search the “data out” information that comes from Trello, and see if you can find the install date there

(view larger)

If it’s one of the fields in there, that means Trello is sending it over...there’s just something getting lost in translation so from there, check out the data in field in your send email to Gmail step and see what is there where the install date should be, and let me know. That will help me investigate 🕵