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Email Parser , ignore all text beyond specific value.

  • 23 March 2021
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Is there a way to tell the Email Parser to ignore all subsequent text that appears after a specific value in an email?

Our Outlook attaches long legal disclaimers after the “yours ...” salutation, that I do not need to parse, and in some cases causes the wrong value to be extracted.

I’m currently sending value pairs like:

Firstname: John

Lastname: Bloggs



but the parser can be hit and miss.

I can send a more rigid form like XML or JSON or pipe delimited, would be interested in learning if there is a 100% guaranteed way to assure the email body data is extracted properly from an email.


Many thank





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5 replies

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Unfortunately not - the Zapier Parser aways examines the whole body text of the email. There isn’t a way to apply more nuance.

Would you like me to flag this post so someone from the Zapier team can add your vote to a feature request?

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Yeah thanks Andrew, I think that would be a good feature.

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Hi @KieranC-BL 

Consider using a more robust email parser such as Mailparser:


Alternatives, a more advanced approach would be to use a Code step with custom code to parse out the desired data points.

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Hi @KieranC-BL!

I created that feature request for you and added your vote for it :)


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Thanks for the feedback, we’ve opted for Parseur in the end as it provides an excellent interface into Zapier and allows us to create concise templates that are constrained by specific values (which is neat). Zap and Parseur working nicely together now.