Email multiple recipients listed on a OneDrive Excel Spreadsheet that match a category selected in a Fluent Form

  • 13 January 2023
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I am not sure where to start with the explanation of what I am trying to achieve, well here goes.

I am setting up a website which has an option to push requests to listed service providers requesting registration of interest  (RIO) from service providers for their task or project.

I am hoping Zapier can be setup to email multiple recipients based on a category listed in a shared OneDrive Excel spreadsheet by using the category selected in a Fluent Form to look up the corresponding email addresses.

Can this be done by setting up a Zap that connects your Fluent Form to your OneDrive Excel spreadsheet, and then to your email service provider. The Zap I guess is to be configured to check the category selected in the Fluent Form and use that information to look up the corresponding email addresses in the OneDrive Excel spreadsheet, and then send an email to those addresses with details of the project ROI .

Thank you for any assistance.

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Hi @Link2, welcome to the Community! 

Ah, it appears the Fluent Forms app isn’t available on Zapier yet. So I’ve added your vote to our internal wishlist of apps to be added to Zapier. This will allow us to notify you by email as soon if it gets added. 

In the meantime, you may want to check out the workarounds section in our Request to add a new app to Zapier guide. It goes over some of the alternative ways in which you can potentially connect to an app that’s not on Zapier yet. I’m thinking that if you can get email notifications sent from Fluent Forms that contain all the necessary data then the second workaround on the list might work well for you here.

I don’t think it’s possible to search for data within individual spreadsheet rows using the OneDrive app. So you would likely need to use the Microsoft Excel app as that has a Find Row search action that you could use to obtain the email addresses. Then you’d use a Send Email type of action for the email app of your choice and set the email addresses that were found as the recipients. 

Hopefully that helps to get you started on this. Please do keep us in the loop on this! 🙂