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Elitefunnels to Drip - Email not pulling through into form field

  • 8 February 2021
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I'm trying to send newsletter subscriber emails to Drip from my landing page. 

The issue I'm having is that the form field for email doesn't have any data.

I have already input some test contact details on my live site so the Zap can find it but this gets input to the form data under ‘field values’ which then has both the name and the email address. This creates an error if I select it as the email is not on it's own and therefore can't be read..

I only have two fields on the form on my site, name & email. But both are only showing up when I create the zap under the ‘field value’ form data option

It seems like this should be so straight forward, but I just can't get it to work.


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4 replies

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Hi @KyleStar 

Please provide screenshots of how the data is being returned for your Zap trigger, thanks.

Thanks for the reply @Troy Tessalone .


I've attached the screenshots below. Thanks for any help in advance.

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Thanks for providing the screenshots.

May I suggest you open a ticket with Zapier Support for them to troubleshoot this further;

The Elite Funnels is still marked as a Beta app which means there could be some existing issues for the Elite Funnels app developer to be made aware of and address.

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I just wanted to follow up on this to share that it looks like Elite Funnels is sending the name and email address over as line items.

In situations like this, what you can do is use a Formatter (Utilities > Line-item to Text) action to convert the line item values into a text string. Then, you’d follow that up with a Formatter (Text > Split Text) action to separate each line item value into a separate field. 

More details on how to work with Formatter steps in this way can be found here:

Hope this information is helpful! :)