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Ecwid Order to Xero Invoice, adding shipping

  • 26 March 2021
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I’m fairly new to all this. I’m a record store owner. Used ECWID for about 12 months now, love it. Heard about Zapier not long after and started using it to help streamline the shipping of my items (in an indirect way) but it still saves me 3-4 hours a week. So I could see the value in it and am now a paying Zapier user for some months now. 

I have decided to change from MYOB accounting to Xero, this is in part to the Zapier integration, but there are several other reasons, basically I outgrew it.

So being new to Xero and a relative novice in Zapier I sat down to integrate Ecwid to Xero. It connected fine, the integration worked. Kinda!

So in my example there were 2 items ordered. One item $40 and a 2nd item $42 and the customer selected Express Post which as it weighs over 500g is $16. Total $98

The line items for the products worked fine, but “Shipping” line hasn’t come through. So the invoice has come through at $82, not $98. I’ve tried a few things with some fairly weird results. But I just can’t see how to add the shipping to invoice? I can see the details are there in the Data Fields, but I must be missing something.

As an aside, though not as important, is it possible to bring the customer’s address details across to the invoice? even just in the notes? I like to use it as a cross reference.





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Hi @Prehistoric Sounds 

Can you share a screenshot showing your Zapier action setup page? Try to show as much fields as possible and how did you add the data in the fields.

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Here are the nuts and bolts of the line items. The Shipping Data (ie Method, Price) is in the fields available from ECWID, but not sure where to put it?


Been thinking about itthough, do I make a 2 part Zap? Add the shipping in the 2nd part where the line items are?


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@Prehistoric Sounds

So, in Xero, you need to send the total price altogether, there’s no field for adding shipping rate.

What you are missing at this point is in the Unit Price field you need to have the subtotal price (Price+Shipping) from Ecwid. Look for the value that contains subtotal / total price / price + shipping from Ecwid and add the value to the Unit Price field in Xero.

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​​​@Prehistoric Sounds - I suggest using a Formatter step here, particularly the Line itemizer transform to append the Shipping details to the rest of the line item data that Ecwid provides Xero. This should result in an additional line item in the Xero invoice for Shipping. Here’s a detailed help guide that has more information:

I hope that helps and let me know if you have further questions!

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Thanks @Paolo that looks like it has worked. Really appreciate it.

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Actually @Paolo , a few days after using it, there has been a problem, If the client buys one item, no problem, however, if the customer buys multiple items, it fails.

In my example, a customer ordered 5 products.

The error message is 

Required field "Quantity" (line_quantity) is missing. Required field "Quantity" (line_quantity) is missing. Required field "Quantity" (line_quantity) is missing. Required field "Quantity" (line_quantity) is missing.

When I had a look it had divided the freight by the amount of items which was 5, it was trying to say there were 5 freights, but it said 1,NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL.


Any ideas?