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Dynamic 'To' recipients in Action Send Email in Gmail

  • 20 January 2023
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We’re creating a simple ticketing system that collects data from a form to a Google Sheets. I want to be able to send various types of mails to the ticket creator (eg. ‘Request received, your ticket no is [XXX]’; ‘Your ticket status has been changed to [abc]’.

Is there a way to dynamically load the 'To' recipient in Action Send Email in Gmail? For example, when a new ticket is created, a new row is added to the Sheets and I want to get the requester’s email address from column E to send them a confirmation (that is, I don’t want to send the notification to the same address each time).

A further requirement would be to extract data from the relevant record in the Google Sheets and provide this information in the subject and/or body of the email.

Is it possible to do this somehow?


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Hi @BrianP ,


Yes that is all possible. You can do the following: 


  1. Make the Trigger New Form Response in Google Forms
  2. Use Storage by Zapier > Increment Value to add 1 to each response (so you get a ticket number)
  3. use Gmail to send the email (or whatever email provider you are currently using)


Does that help? 

Hi @MohSwellam. We’re not using Google Forms as it doesn’t effectively support our multi-language requirements, so the trigger needs to come from Sheets. Also, the ticket number already exists as it comes from an auto-increment in the form.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I don’t think it will work :(

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Ok, this still would work. Make the Trigger New Record in Google Sheets instead. This should also bring the Ticket number 

Yes I have that set up as the trigger. The doubt is about how to then get the value from a specific field (‘Email’) to populate the ‘To’ field in the next step (‘Send Email in Gmail’). From what I can see, it only allows a fixed value.

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Hi @BrianP!

If you select the email address from the Google forms trigger data the Zap will use the information in that column each time the Zap runs.

In the Zapier editor, you’ll see the value that was found in the row when you tested the trigger, but that’s just a sample so you can test your Zap. Each time the Zap runs it will use the information that it finds in the email column for the new form. 

​I hope that's clear, please let us know if you have any questions!

Hey @Danvers! You’re right, this works like a charm and I’ve been able to use it to insert variables in the e-mail body too.

Thanks a lot!!