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Dynamic account in gmail connection field

  • 26 December 2020
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Hi there,

I want to create a zap that tags users emails in gmail, triggered by an event in Knack, a database tool with users accounts.  The twist is, Knack will have dozens of user accounts, and I want the zap to action for the user that is logged in to Knack - so instead of manually entering the user account connection for gmail, I want Zapier to pick up the user account from Knack - in other word, the user account connection for gmail is dynamic.  Is that even possible?  And how can I do it?


Best answer by Matt from Australia 23 February 2021, 22:56

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Hey @Matt from Australia,

I think it is possible. What is required before doing this, however, is that you connect all the needed Gmail accounts to Zapier once. That means the gmail accounts you want to connect should be limited. When you did this you can work with Paths in the following way:

  • Trigger: Knack - New Form Submission/New Record
  • Action: Paths by Zapier that depends on the user email (e.g. user email is A or B or C)
    • Action A: Gmail Account A - Send email
    • Action B: Gmail Account B - Send email
    • Action C: Gmail Account C - Send email

Let me know if this helps you :)

Thanks Ennes, Thanks - so that can be done with one zap?  That would get me started, if I had hundreds or thousands of users, I will need a way to automate making the account connections, won’t I?

Cheers Matt

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Hmm. I guess if you really want to scale also the different Gmail accounts, your biggest challenge will be to connect and authorize all of them with Zapier actually because this would always be part of your automation. Can you maybe give an example of what you are trying to achieve? Maybe then I get a better understanding

Hi Ennes,


Thanks, essentially, the app is a database related to the content of gmail  emails - a zap creates a record when an email arrives, and another zap changes the gmail tags, according to changes in the Knack database.  It works for a single user, but down the track, I want it to be a public app, so I need to have a zap that creates an account connection when the user registers with the Knack app, so I need a zap that creates a connection, and then zaps that change the gmail account connection according to which user is logged in.  Potentially, I could require my users to create their Knack accounts with a Google account, I am not sure if that may help.  Am I asking too much of Zapier?




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@Matt from Australia 
Just checking in to see if you still need help with this? 

Hi @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu ,  Thanks for asking.  As far as I can tell, Zapier isn’t able to dynamically connect to Gmail accounts,  I need to create a new zap for each account - but if there is a way to do it dynamically, that would be wonderful! 



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Hi @Matt from Australia 

Yeh, I can’t see any viable way to do this - a zap per account is probably your best bet.