Duplicates rows sent to Google Sheets

  • 18 November 2021
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I do have several Zaps with slightly different configurations that take the information from the Cognito Forms and send the data to a single table in Google Sheets. With the volumes going up, the accuracy of the table in Google Sheets started to decrease — the table regularly have duplicate rows for sole Trigger events. Nevertheless, the Zap history for those duplicates seems to be correct and nothing is inconsistent there. In order to detect what is wrong and isolate the issue I also looked at other steps that the above-mentioned Zaps have — all steps clearly were performed only once. However, the spreadsheet catches the data several times.

My assumption regarding the cause of the issue is that I have few Zaps that are accessing the same table in Google Sheets. However, I have to maintain different triggers that should cause the action in the sole table, I am kindly asking for your assistance. I’ve also already tried to add small delays steps inside the Zaps, it made the situation a bit better but did not solve the problem completely.

Please, let me know if you need further details and thank you in advance. :pray_tone1:


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4 replies

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Hi @manyaned 

One way to solve for this is to add a GSheet Lookup Row step to the Zap followed by a Filter to continue only if there are 0 matching results found.


Delay After Queue steps may also help address the issue:

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Hey Troy,

Thank you for your response. I am using a Sheets Lookup Row step followed by a Filter as well as a Delay After Queue step. But the issue still appears.

I’ve added a DateTime value to track when the specific row is being sent by Zapier to Sheets. And for duplicates this value is the same meaning that the duplicates are a result of one Zap running. 

Maybe you have some other advises on that issue?

Thank you,

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We’d need a specific example to trace and troubleshoot.

Are you able to outline one for us?


Otherwise, you can open a ticket with Zapier Support:

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Hey @manyaned! Just wanted to check in here to see if you were able to get the issue sorted out. I checked with our support team and couldn’t find and open ticket from you so I wanted to double-check. 

Let us know - we want to make sure your’e good to go here!